Baby Gender Reveal GIRL

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A baby gender reveal candle that stays black until lit. The soft, floral scent of ylang ylang balanced with white cedar and musk.  A sweet, innocent smell that'll give away no clue as to whether the candle will melt pink or blue. 

How does it work? The black strip at the top of the label changes color using heat activated technology. Once you light the candle and the wax starts to melt, the black strip will change to pink or blue. May take up to 5-10 minutes for the color to change. 

Don't ruin the surprise! Careful who opens the box! We marked the inside of the box with a pink stripe to ensure you're lighting the right one. Please see insert provided with purchase. 

We think this is the BEST gift for a couple who has recently learned the gender of their baby. It smells JUST like that new baby smell... perfect for nesting! 

Hand Poured in the USA. 

Made with All Natural Soy Wax Blend. 

Typical Burn time 60-80 hours 

13.75 oz. 

Baby Gender Reveal GIRL
Baby Gender Reveal GIRL
Baby Gender Reveal GIRL

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