Kris Nations Enamel BOSS Bracelet

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Need a gift for yourself or a powerful gal in your life? Here you go! We became obsessed with this bracelet when we saw it.  Inspired by Victorian style enamel jewelry, this bracelet is the perfect mix of modern and classic. 

Wear it solo or style it with other bracelets from the Kris Nations collection.  Kristi always wears her GOOD VIBES and HUSTLE enamel bracelets together reminding her to always be even-keeled, relaxed and chill, but also driven and hungry... the perfect combination.

Enamel charm

14k gold-filled chain

Handmade 14k gold-filled clasp

Adjustable length 6.5-8"


Kris Nations Enamel BOSS Bracelet
Kris Nations Enamel BOSS Bracelet

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