We are so thrilled to be offering a truly unique calendar of events this holiday season. These events are rolling events... meaning YOU pick a time that works for YOU and book with us.  Looking for even more information? Please call the shop at 412-782-2033, e-mail kristi@kristiboutique.com or stop in! 


This first event is for all of our gal pals out there because we know we ALL need a girls night! Booking now through Dec 22nd for two hour time slots!

This next event is for all of our KB kiddos out there! Want want your kids to come in and shop for YOU and others on their list. Best part? You drop them off and get an hour to yourself. You're welcome. Booking now through December 22nd in one hour time slots!

And... of course we can't forget about the men.  No appointment necessary. Just have him show up.  He can shop or we will shop for him. He will think it's easy and you will get what you want.  Everyone's happy.