what others have to say 

"kristi boutique is my go to shop for anything from t-shirts to cocktail dresses. it's not just because of the great selection of designers and unique pieces, but the service is unparalleled! because I am a busy mom, I rarely have time to shop.  most times, I let the staff know that I am coming in, and they have a fitting room ready with an array of cool pieces! they pay particular attention to your taste and what fits you well, and really give a tailored and personal shopping experience.  the ambiance and vibe of the store are as amazing as the staff." - christine r.



" i love to shop at kristi boutique! the beautiful selection of clothing, jewelry, handbags and shoes are all reason to rush into this store! every time I have purchased from kb, I have been complimented numerous times on how beautiful each piece is. the quality and variety of fun clothes and accessories keep me coming back (#obsessed!) and the customer service is spot on! kristi's team is always very helpful and honest when helping me choose a beautiful look." - amanda c. 




 " kristi boutique offers an unparalleled, unique selection of cool and edgy pieces and has the best customer service in the city! they take care of every detail for you and I use them exclusively for gifts for my friends, family and staff. my sons also use kb as their go-to for gifts for the gals in their lives... including me! kristi and her team are passionate about their shop and you feel that positive vibe from the moment you walk into their uber cool space. kb is my absolute favorite boutique shopping experience in Pittsburgh!" - tammy d.



"I absolutely love shopping at kristi boutique. kristi and her girls are very helpful and really think outside the box for you.  I love being able to get so many different items from one shop.  I live about 45 minutes from the shop and can't get in as often as I would like. but, that is not a problem! kristi will text and email me pictures of items I am interested in and then we will chat on the phone about each piece and whether or not she thinks I will like it, it will fit me correctly and will work with the other pieces in my wardrobe. further, she then sends them to my door! what service! such a wonderful boutique... give it a shot! hurry!" - cara z.