MISA Diandra Jumpsuit

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Comfort and style don't always go hand in hand, but we think they should. We've all been to that event where we love what we are wearing, but are so totally uncomfortable that we can't enjoy ourselves. Why do we do this to ourselves ladies?! 

Joy can definitely relate to this.... until she found KB! "I never would have worn a jumpsuit like this before, but now, these are my go-to," she says. It's easy to see how Joy stands out in this gorgeous jumpsuit cut from olive green satin and decorated with an integrated belt that adjusts to tie at the back.  The pants are  relaxed and adorned at the hem with a braided metallic trim. "The best part is that I only need to worry about one piece... done!" 

Made in the USA

Dry Clean

100% Viscose 

Joy is wearing a size small. Fit is true to size.

MISA Diandra Jumpsuit
MISA Diandra Jumpsuit