Kris Nations Enamel HUSTLE bracelet

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"This piece goes on my wrist every morning when I get dressed," says Kristi.  It is a great reminder to keep my focus and keep on keepin' on in all areas of my life. Plus, it's so darn cute! 

Inspired by Victorian era enamel jewelry, this HUSTLE bar bracelet features two lightening bolts on either side of the wording. The bracelet has a nice thick enamel bar and a genuine gold-filled drawn cable chain. It's handmade clasp is designed for easy on and off. "I know a bracelet is easy to take on and off when I can do it with Brooks on my hip!" 

Enamel charm

14k gold-filled drawn cable chain 

Handmade 14k gold clasp

Adjustable length 6.5-8"


Kris Nations Enamel HUSTLE bracelet
Kris Nations Enamel HUSTLE bracelet