hello, we are so happy to meet you

welcome to our little corner of the world. we are so happy you are here; whether you have been to our brick & mortar, or maybe you just found us online... either way, allow us to give you a little piece of our hearts. you see, kb is truly our baby, where we live out our dream everyday, and where we have found friendship, community, and of course, incredible fashion. we take our business and our work incredibly seriously, but girls just wanna have fun, right?

kristi west: owner, mama, wife, leader of these beautiful ladies

opened kb in 2012 and never looked back

ideal vacation: any vacay is good in my books but i'm all about relaxing so somewhere with a good spa, good cocktails, and beautiful landscapes. oh, and good shopping.

favorite band: music is a love of mine. in my next life I would do something musical. jamestown revival, foy vance, alanis morissette, ingrid michaelson, old school shania twain, it goes on and on from all genres.

favorite brand at kb: ulla johnson. swoon.

winter or summer: winter for the clothes and coziness, summer for the carefree feeling it brings

if you were an animal what would you be: a cat, for sure. a life of sleeping, cuddling and eating. yes, please.

how your best friend would describe you: thoughtful, hard-working, genuine, passionate, and a little bit weird.

coffee or tea: coffee. all the coffee. how people live without it will always be lost on me

favorite cocktail: old fashioned in the winter or margarita in the summer

why i love kb: kb was built on a dream, a long-shot, and a passion for business, hard-work, relationships and of course, fashion. I have watched her endure growing pains and come out fiercely better because of it. in the past year I have come to appreciate her even more. my daughter has made me realize how important it is to me to show her how successful a girl with a dream can be. and how if that girl works really, really, really hard and chooses to surround herself with the right people, she can live the life she always wanted. and she CAN have it all. 


brooks juliette west: the boss, inspiration for little kb

new hire


tammie walsh: manager, kristi's better half, kb mama

at kb since 2013

ideal vacation: head out west on a motorcycle to hike in the mountains. 

favorite brand at kb: seriously, better to ask what I don't like.. love it all. go to's are wilt and johnny was. 

winter or summer? : not below 60 degrees for me

favorite quote: "it matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love." - john lennon

favorite band: perfume genius, ray lamontagne, cat power, SGAC, angel olsen

best friend would describe me as: artsy, compassionate, edgy, loyal, fun loving 

if I were an animal: a kitten, a bee to buzz around the flowers and sting, or a sloth

why I love kb: it's my happy place. I love everything about it, most of all the relationship I have with kristi, the connections I've made with people and how it feels when clients are so grateful for our help

favorite cocktail: toss up between tequila and T E Q U I L A 

ally tenenini: hanger-straightener extraordinaire, kindest soul on the planet
at kb since 2015, client since the beginning
ideal vacation: a mediterranean cruise accompanied by a gentleman (maybe one day a husband.. fingers crossed)
favorite brand at kb: skull cashmere; classy with an edge 
favorite quote: "start your day with a smile and end it with champagne". -anonymous
how your best friend would describe you: caring, sensitive, sweet, always laughing, easy going, bubbly.
if you were an animal what would you be: a puppy because I like snuggles (and affection)
coffee or tea: can't go wrong with a chai tea latte
why I love kb: work with all these ladies. my boss is awesome and how many jobs can you sometimes drink tequila at work? (cat's outta the bag)

joy herrington: fashion model, kb cheerleader

at kb since 2017, client since the beginning 

favorite book: harry potter series... the best
favorite brand at kb: mother
if I was an animal: I would be a flamingo - a true original
winter or summer: actually I am a fall person, but then I am a summer person, definitely not winter. 
favorite band: the cure, REM, the Lumineers. 
favorite quote: "women who behave rarely make history." -laurel thatcher ulrich
how your best friend describes you: SPAZ (my nickname in high school), compassionate, fun, loving, someone you can trust
coffee or tea: coffee... mocha at the moment thanks to tammie
why I love kb: the friendships, the fun, the clothes & atmosphere


missy morris: professional shopper, retail therapist, style queen, shop comedian 

at kb since 2017, client since the beginning 

favorite book: mini shopaholic - shocking information here

favorite brand at kb: the great. duh.

ideal vacation: Tahiti in one of those over the water huts. with a very sweet man who loves me. a lot. only trouble, I hate flying, so beam me up scottie.

favorite quote: "if there is ever a tomorrow when we're not together there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. but most important of all, even if we are apart, i'll always be with you. " -a.a. milne 

how your best friend would describe you: fun, loving, stylish, thoughtful, obsessive compulsive, organized (which is a gentle way of saying uptight neat-freak). looks like I wrote my new tinder profile.

why I love kb: you ladies, 100%, but also, love the clothes for both me and my mini, Hadley. so much to choose from all the time and just can't ever seem to get enough.